The Ganden Choeling Buddhist Tibetan Studies Center (Joyful Garden of Dharma) is a religious organization with no political, merchandising or lucrative goals, which was started in the year 1994 and registered in the Registry of Religious Organizations of the Ministry of Justice under the number 408-SG. It is ruled by a general assembly of members, a spiritual direction and a management board. This last one is chosen by members votations every two years, at a general meeting.

the founder and spiritual guide of the C.E.B.T.Ganden Choeling was Venerable Kyabje Khensur Rimpoche Tamding Gyatso. Khen Rimpoche Tamding Gyatso was sent to Spain by H.H the Dalai lama in the year of 1987.


Ganden Choeling Kuala Lumpur

No 2-2, Jalan Mas 6,
Taman Cheras Mas,
Batu 8, Cheras 43200
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel : 6019 515 0599, 6013 934 9941
E-mail : malaysia@gandenchoeling.org
Website : kl.gandenchoeling.org